“Social veterinary centre” (in Russian «Социально ориентированная ветеринария», abbreviation «СОВет») is a non-profit organization setting up the network of veterinary clinics that provide free services for financially disadvantaged pet owners.

As a member of the third sector, our non-profit organization solves some problems of public interest. According to Russian Federation law, providing social support for vulnerable populations, as well as animal protection and environment control are a major priority in social responsibility. The objectives of «Social veterinary center» correspond to all of the above.

Our mission is to protect animal healthcare by providing financial and consulting assistance to pet.

Our goals:

Pecuniary aid to poor.

Rendering of veterinary services on a pro-bono basis is a form of assistance to disadvantaged citizens. Pet care is a real need for many people, so it is important to provide them with the opportunity to fulfill this need. The cost of services in commercial clinics can be exceedingly expensive. Research undertaken by our team has shown that medical costs for pets is a major inconvenience for a significant number of pet owners. Thus, “Social veterinary center” can be considered as an important form of financial support for many.

Improvement of sanitation and aesthetic conditions in urban zones.

The work of our organization gives homeless animals a chance to recover and survive. Animals that live in the streets are without care and their population is great. Homeless cats and dogs are most exposed to risk of injuries and diseases. And although they are more likely to require medical treatment than their domestic “brothers,” they are the least likely to receive it. The social benefits of a non-profit veterinary clinic will assist in maintaining sanitary city conditions in urban zones. Homeless animals not only suffer from disease, if uncared for, they can also be agents for transmitting infections. Euthanasia programs intended at decimating animal populations are not acceptable for civilized society. That’s why we suggest a more appropriate solution to this problem.

Forming of citizens’ responsibility and benevolent attitude towards fauna

Many people sympathize with homeless animals that need medical treatment. If not for the financial cost, they would gladly assist in helping an animal in need. “Social veterinary centre” encourages humane treatment to animals by helping people turn their goodwill into reality.

Decreasing the number of homeless animals.

Many people are reluctant to adopt pets due to the fear that they will be unable to afford all the costs required for the animal’s medical care. Therefore, if provided with assistance, more citizens will become willing pet owners and less cats and dogs will be abandoned to the streets.